About Qualified Remodeler

Since 1975, Qualified Remodeler has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with remodeling and home improvement professionals around the country. Then as now, our mission is to foster professionalism among our readers by offering industry relevant business education and information.

Our editors and publishers are consistently immersed in remodeling and home improvement at the ground level. Our founder, Dave Sauer, was among a group that helped launch the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). And from the beginning, we’ve also been big supporters of the NAHB Remodelers, Business Networks, the Certified Contractors Network and many other key peer groups.

From estimating and pricing to design and product trends, our content draws highly engaged remodelers to our pages, our newsletters, our webinars and our websites. QR is a business tool that our readers have come to rely on in bad times and good.

In 2019, the remodeling market is strong. Estimates suggest that the total size of the industry will push past previous highs of $400 billion. Our 2019 editorial lineup is designed to help remodelers address all of these challenges and more, as they make the most of strong demand for their services. Remodelers rely on QR for solutions. It’s why we are consistently judged to be the No. 1 media brand serving remodeling.

If you are looking for a highly engaged audience of remodelers and home improvement companies, you’ve come to the right place.

Patrick O’Toole
Editorial Director

Kyle Clapham
Senior Editor

Kacey Larsen
Managing Editor

SINCE 1978, GROWTH-ORIENTED remodeling and home improvement companies have looked to Qualified Remodeler’s annual ranking — The Top 500 — as their benchmark of industry achievement. From top to bottom, the QR Top 500 is comprised of dynamic innovators. They lead in all business areas — but most particularly in sales and marketing.

Each year, Qualified Remodeler brings together top executives from the Top 500 for a conference called Top 500 LIVE. Attendees experience two hyper-kinetic days of sales technique, sales management, sales motivation and lead-generation ideas from the home improvement industry’s best minds. Take advantage of this in-person event to engage with decision makers in remodeling’s largest and fastest-growing firms.

Qualified Remodeler’s Master Design Awards is the leading competition of its kind in the remodeling industry. The design solutions offered by remodelers around the U.S. comprise the best in home improvement.

QR Awards Event

Each year, the Qualified Remodeler Awards Event is a highlight of the annual Remodeling Show and Deck Expo. As many as 300 remodelers gather at the event to receive awards and to network with colleagues, typically held at a showcase venue.