About Residential Design

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Residential Design magazine earned the trust and confidence of residential architects and custom builders from its very first issue. It’s the sole national professional magazine focused exclusively on their information needs, but it’s also the only magazine of any genre that fully comprehends their passion for what they do and their resolve to improve their skills. What we share in common is a dedication to excellence.

S. Claire Conroy

We speak their language like natives. Today’s hurdles are different for residential pros than they were just a few years ago. Instead of managing in an economic slowdown, they now struggle with shortfalls of time and talent in a burgeoning market. And some perennial difficulties haven’t changed at all but still require considerable expertise to overcome—byzantine building codes, enervating entitlements, and challenging conditions on troublesome sites.

Custom builders, who used to take jobs on a handshake, now require the skills and savvy of C-suite executives. They have upped their game immeasurably to juggle multimillion-dollar construction budgets, extensive project deliverables, and an ever-growing team of consultants and client representatives—all while striving to meet the highest standards in building technology and science. Oh, yes, and they’re constantly chasing after and competing for good labor—both on staff and subcontracted.

From a design trends and building products standpoint, everyone is racing to catch up with growing client interest in transitional and modern design, outdoor living, whole-house technology, and energy-efficient, conservation-conscious construction. This drives an urgent need for information and real-world experience derived from the trailblazers in the industry—all in a magazine that speaks their language fluently and understands their deepest concerns.

We provide the indispensable insight, expert guidance, and deep relevance residential professionals hunger for and can find no other place. We provide it in print, online, and in person. This is a house we’ve built for and with residential pros. Welcome home.